Leeds & Grenville Branch – June 2024 Presentation – Mallorytown Glass Works – With Bob Greenhorn and Reg Hunt

Did you know that Mallorytown in Leeds County is the location of the first glassworks in what we now call Canada? In 1839 Amasa Mallory realized the need and market for locally produced glass, and he founded the Mallorytown Glass Works. The factory produced household items such as plates, bowls, jugs, pitchers, jars and bottles.

(Photo courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum Online Collection.)

Join us on Monday, June 3rd at 7:00 pm on Zoom for a presentation about the Mallorytown Glass Works, and a virtual tour of the permanent exhibit featuring historical and replica examples of the goods produced at the factory. Bob Greenhorn and Reg Hunt from the Mallory Coach House Museum will talk about the man and the business and will give us a virtual tour of the permanent exhibit housed in the Museum.

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Everyone welcome!